Supreme Set: This mini-version of the real Robert includes his pet lion Leo and is approximately 12 inches tall. He arrives in a handled vinyl carry bag along with a postcard bearing his image and an author autographed copy of his biography so you too can know the back story of our (in)famous doll AND a string voodoo doll/key chain custom made in Robert's likeness.

As with all Robert related products, this item is not returnable.  Please make sure before confirming your purchase OR giving as a gift.  We will, however, be happy to correct a legitimate defect issue.

US Post Office Flat Rate Shipping Domestically & International Priority for International.  Yes, international postage is outrageous with the average cost to Europe and Australia being over $60.  
All orders ship in an unmarked box and are typically processed within five business days of order receipt. You will get an email with tracking information.  This email is auto generated by the post office system and notoriously goes into junk/spam folders.  Be sure to keep an eye on that.
As the oldest cultural non-profit in the Florida Keys all monies generated from merchandise sales go directly to support our Museum's mission including the preservation and protection of artifacts such as Robert. Thank you for your support. 
Most popular Q & A's: 
1. Is this a replica of the real Robert? Yes a mini-version approved by Robert. 
2. Is this replica haunted? No that would be the real Robert. 
3. Can I visit Robert ? Sure he is an artifact on display at Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, FL . His website gives full details. www.robertthedoll.org  Robert and his museum are a part of the Key West Art and Historical Society.  Robert is a trademarked/copyrighted item and reproducing his image and/or reselling for a profit is a no-no.  Plus, Robert will seek his revenge.
4. Does Robert have social media ? Yes Facebook and Twitter 
5. Can I do rush shipping ? You can but be prepared to pay a fortune. Shipping rates have skyrocketed. Overnighting a Robert costs well over $100 ! Yikes !

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